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Essential caring for your postpartum body.

Hygiene + Self-Care Giftbox

After you have a baby everything changes. Sweat production and funkier smelling body odor is one of the unwelcomed ones. While all of this is natural, we understand these changes can be uncomfortable. That’s why we created this clean, nontoxic hygiene skincare and recovery gift set to assist your body as it rebalances. It delivers safe, ingredients specially chosen for postpartum mamas’ skin, alongside restorative and therapeutic products for a ritual that encourages self-care, so you can feel like you again.

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Plant-based hygiene and skincare essentials, designed with sensitive, hormonal skin in mind. And most importantly, safe for you and baby.

I believe that self-care is a necessity for all moms, especially postpartum. It serves as a gentle reminder that you matter and deserving of all the love.

-T.Smith ~Founder

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Honoring your health: mental, emotional, and physical. With products that Rebalance, Rebuild and Revitalize.